oAuth for Display, or how to set up Exchange integration for Office 365 / Exchange online, also known as oAuth or modern authentification

Pronestor Display needs information from Exchange. This guide shows you how you can integrate Pronestor Display with Exchange using Exchange Web Services (EWS) if you’re using Office 365 or Exchange Online and wants to authenticate using OAuth. You will need administrator rights in Pronestor Dsiplay and Azure Active Directory.

  • Go to Azure Active Directory
  • App Registrations
  • New Application


  • Note the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID, you will need them later in this guide.



  • Click API Permissions
  • Click “Add a permission”
  • Click “Exchange” in the section “Support Legacy API”
  • Click “Application Permissions”
  • Select “full_access_as_app”
  • Click “Add permission”
  • Click “Grant Admin consent for Pronestor”


  • Open Pronestor Display
  • Go to “settings”
  • Choose “Microsoft Exchange”
  • Enable “Exchange Online” and “Use oAuth”
  • Enter the “Application (client) ID” into “Application ID” field
  • Enter the “Directory (tenant) ID” into “Directory ID” field
  • Click “Save and test connection”
  • Click “Create new certificate”


  • Go back to Azure – find the application created
  • Choose “Certificates and secrets”
  • Choose “Upload certificate” and upload the generated certificate



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