How to configure Coexistence

This guide is for the IT administrator and explains how to connect an exchange service account with Pronestor Planner.

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Connecting the service account with Pronestor Planner

Log onto your Pronestor Planner solution, with administrative rights.

Click "Settings"

Click "Other settings"

Add your email domain to the "Attendees" filter and click "Save"


Click "Exchange"


If you can't find the exchange tab the module isn't installed properly

If you tick the exchange online box, Pronestor uses a default URL which is normal for those with exchange online

Fill out URL, Username, Password, and Domain if necessary

Fill out a fallback user. If the meetingowner isn't a user in Pronestor Planner, this user will be set as the owner.


Click "Save and test the connection"


If you get a red error message:  The exchange account isn't filled out properly. Usually it is the password. Note that accounts made in Azure use a key instead of a password.

Connecting the exchange rooms to Pronestor Planner

Disabling email notifications during the import

During this step we will import the rooms and import the meetings connected to the rooms. Every meeting imported will send out an email notification to the meeting owner. So during the import, we recommend that email notifications are disabled.

If you are a cloud customer, please ask to disable email notifications for your site.

If you host your own server, please run this script on your database

update appuser set enable_mail = 0

How to import the rooms

Go to "Resources"

Click "New resource"


Click "Yes"


Fill out the meeting rooms email address

Click "Validate"


Fill in the desired settings for the meeting room

Click "Save"

Repeat for each meeting room you want to import.


If you get an error while importing the coexistence meeting room please just press continue. Pronestor will edit the configuration of the meeting room to match what is needed.

Sign explanations

When a room is imported it takes some time (depends on the amount of meetings that needs to be loaded) for Pronestor to import all the meetings in the room's calendar. To the left of the room resource name a status icon will be displayed.
There are the following states:

  • cloud-download.png Room calendar is currently being imported
  • cloud-checked.png Room calendar has been succesfully imported
  • cloud-sync.png Pronestor is currently synchronizing with the Exchange calendar
  • cloud-unavailable.png Connection to the Exchange server has been lost. Troubleshoot by verifying that the Exchange server is up and running and, subsequently, that the Microsoft Exchange information in Administration --> Settings --> Exchange integration is correct
  • cloud-error.png Pronestor has received an error message from Exchange. Pronestor will try to recover from this state
Remember: When the room calendar has been succesfully imported, activate the resource in the right side of the respective row.

Enabling the email notifications for future bookings

We recommend that you get email notfications from both Outlook and Pronestor since Pronestors notifications contain more information, for example about catering and equipment.

If you are cloud, please ask to enable email notifications again.

If you are on-premise, please run this script on your database

update appuser set enable_mail = 1

If some users need notifications during the testphase it's possible to enable them specifically. First you run the this script to disable everyone.

update appuser set enable_mail = 0

Then you run this script to enable specific users 

update appuser set enable_mail = 1 where email = 'users email addresse'
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