Print for Visitor Web

For the new visitor web to print, it needs a printing service set up as a service application to be installed on a server.

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  • Windows PC or Windows Server (with access to the Pronestor Web installation via http/https)
  • Privileges to install Visitor Agent as a Service



The VisitorAgents handles printing – it looks into a specific location of check ins, and prints those registrations to a specific printer via the Windows printer driver

  • Download the Visitor Agent to the PC/Serve
    • Can be downloaded from within administration->Visitor
  • Unzip to ex. c:\program files\Pronestor
  • Move the “proNestor Visitor”  folder to  %programdata%/Pronestor Visitor



  • Run the file c:\program files\Pronestor\Visitor Agent\PronestorVisitorAgentConfiguration.exe


Pronestor URL

URL to the Pronestor Planner installation



Name of a service account in Pronestor


Password for the service account in Pronestor

Test Configuration

Click to validate URL and service account

Choose location

Location containing registrations to be printed

Choose printer

Name of printer on PC/Server

Install visitor agent

Installs the Visitor Agent as a service

Start Visitor Agent

Starts the Visitor Agent service

Stop visitor Agent

Stops the Visitor Agent service

Uninstall Visitor Agent

Removes the Visitor Agents as a service


Editing badges

The badges can be edited via the XML in %programdata%/Pronestor Visitor

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