The add-in installer cannot find outlook, regedit guide

If the add-in installer fails by saying outlook isn't installed, eventhoguh outlook is installed, it can be because the Regedit isn't updated with the correct path. Here is how to update Regedit with the correct path so the installer can find and verify that outlook is installed.

It is always recommended that you make a backup before editing regedit

  • Open regedit
    • Click "start"
    • Search for "regedit"
    • Click "regedit"
      (the option does not appear until you have written the entire word)

  • Create a backup
    • Click "File"
    • Click "Export"
    • Select "Export range" "All"
    • Give the file a name
    • Click "Save"

Outlooks install path is usually here

\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\InstallRoot -> Path


The path has to correspond to where outlook is installed. If it doesn't, you have to edit it.

  • Right click "Path"
  • Choose "Modify"

  • Find out where outlook is installed on your machine.
    On my machine it was C:\Program files\microsoft office\root\office16 making this the correct string, but your office might be installed elsewhere on your machine and have a different correct string.
  • Insert the correct string.

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