How to connect to FTP



To send or receive files from Pronestor – Pronestor offers sharing of files via FTP.

Files shared are mostly used when uploading list of user accounts or to retrieve data export files.

The customer/reader of this document should have a good understanding of their infrastructure and a well-founded technical understanding.

IMPORTANT: This article describes how one can use some well known FTP clients to connect to Pronestor's FTP. Setup can be infrastructure dependent, and as such Pronestor can't ensure full troubleshooting beyond the description of this guide.



Pronestor will create an FTP account for each customer – with a unique username and password.

The account will require a public IP to be reported to Pronestor for safety/validation purpose – meaning that only that specific IP can access the FTP service.

Pronestor will by default allow FTP traffic using port 21. If required – FTPS can be added as an extra security layer to ensure encrypted data transfer. Note – SFTP is not supported.



Below you’ll find a description on how to setup a connection to Pronestor FTP.

We recommend using FileZilla for the simple and easy transfer of files – and the same FTP client is good for trouble shooting as well.

NCFTP is a command line FTP client which can easily be configured to run as a scheduled Windows task

Note – this is an example, other FTP clients can be used, but support on these are not directly supported from our helpdesk since this is a configuration/setup that can vary a lot from customer to customer due to their individual infrastructural environments.


Example using NCFTP

  • An account has been created and delivered from Pronestor
  • Customer has reported a public IP address to be associated with their account


  • Create batch file with notepad
  • ncftpput -F -u [your_ftp_username] -p [your_ftp_password] ./ file
    • ncftpput -F u MyPass -p MyPassword ./ myfile.txt
  • Save file as yourexport.bat
  • Schedule it to run


Example using Filezilla

  • An account has been created and delivered from Pronestor
  • Customer has reported a public IP address to be associated with their account


  • Launch FileZilla (
  • Choose File->Site Manager
  • Click New Site
  • Give the Site a new name – ex. Pronestor



  • Within the general tab
    • Host :
    • Port: 21
    • Login type: Normal
    • User: [your_ftp_username]
    • Password: [your_ftp_password]



  • Click connect

Result should be that the listing of the remote site is shown:


Trouble shooting:

  • Validate that the account exists and password is correct
    • How – Pronestor support can try to connect from within Pronestor network using Filezilla to customer’s ftp account
  • Validate that the public IP is correct
    • How – open a web browser from the PC/Server that the customer uses to FTP from.
      Open – send the screen dump to Pronestor support
  • If an error shows regarding “LISTING” not allowed or failed
    • please go to Site Manager
    • Choose the “pronestor” site
    • Go to tab “Transfer Mode”
      • Choose “Active”
      • Click Connect


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