November 2011 – Pronestor Visitor 2011 (2.0)

New Features and improvements

Receptionist module
Check in / out form used by receptionist

New Features

  • Email notification – automatic email is sent to host upon the visitor check-in.
  • SMS notification – automatic SMS is sent to host upon the visitor check-in.
  • Database performance improvements.
  • New fields – business and telephone number.
  • Optional – print parking tickets. Print an extra label to be placed in the car’s windshield.
  • Barcode scanner support – different sound to good and bad scan.
  • Task notification – pop-up note in the message area for the receptionist upon visitor check-in with the alarm text.
  • Print options on the label.
    - Colouring – print text in certain color.
    - Last name, first name – you decide how visitors name must be listed on the label guest.
    - WiFi data – print unique WiFi access code on the guest label.


  • Guest name – name dropdown with auto suggestions.
  • Guest name – dropdown shows only visitor activity within the last 3 months.
  • Guest name – dropdown not showing duplicate names.
  • Resources – only available resources are shown in the dropdown (the list is sorted).
  • Placement statistics – pie chart now shows location name.
  • Lists – default sort order on the registration list (final action on top).


Visitor-specific configuration fields

New Features

  • Safety validation procedure – on one or all specific visitor category.
  • Alert information – this information will pop-up as a note to the receptionist upon visitor check-in.


Setup / configuration

New Features

  • New design.
  • Locking system-specific configuration fields.


Self-registration module

New Features

  • Barcode Scanner Support – Scan badges (check-in and check-out).
    - Specific html templates for good / bad scan.
  • E-mail Message.
  • SMS notification.
  • Quick check-in – use your phone number to register (works only for authorized visitors).
  • Optional – select visitor category upon registration.
  • Host name to be confirmed by visiting the Registration.
  • Three different hosts look up methods (new / improvement).
    - Auto-complete.
    - Pop-up – on matching hosts.
    - No help.
  • New configuration form.



  • New product name.
  • New application folder C: \ Program Files \ proNestor aps \ proNestor visitors
  • New configuration files, and location C: \ ProgramData \ proNestor visitors
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