March 2014 - Pronestor Display 2014

New features and improvements

  • Error Reporting
    Error Reporting allows you to report errors on equipment directly from the Room Booking Panel.
    An email is immediately sent to the person in charge who can then take action right away.
    Equipment is defined in the Administration Module and is afterwords connected to the specific rooms.
    Find more information and setup instructions on:

  • proNestor Analytics
    We are introducing an interactive report with information on occupancy rates and reservation patterns. proNestor Analytics gives you insight into your meeting room usage and is a valuable tool in your meeting cost calculations.
    Pronestor Analytics shows:
    - Number of bookings per room
    - Number of hours in total
    - Average time per meeting
    - Occupancy rates on each room
    - Statistics on Room Booking Panel Interactivity.
    Find more information and instructions for setup on:

  • New Stock Designs
    Room Booking Panel

    We are replacing the old stock designs on our Room Booking Panel with new ones and from now on there are three stock designs to choose from: Black, White and Nestor Auto. We are deleting the old designs.
    The old Black is replaced by the new Black and the old White is replaced by the new White. Zen, Windmill, City, Tropical and Chalkboard are all replaced by the new Black.
    Nestor Auto remains unchanged.
    Custom designs:
    If you are using a custom design it remains unchanged. It is neither overwritten nor replaced by a new design.
    Room Availability Overview and Meeting Activity Overview:
    The Black and White designs remain unchanged. Zen is deleted.
    Screens and resolutions
    The Room Booking Panel designs are optimized for the following tablets and resolutions:
    - iPad 2,3,4
    - 8″ Archos 80 Titanium
    - 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
    - 10,1″ Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
    The Room Availability Overview designs and the Meeting Activity Overview designs are optimized for full HD (1920×1080 px) in both landscape and portrait orientation.
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