April 2015 - Pronestor Display 2015


New features

Pronestor Display 2015 includes several new features with benefits for both administrators and users.

Benefits for the administrator:

  • Tagging
    Add tags to your rooms. E.g. 1. floor, projector, conference phone etc. Use your tags to search, filter and group your displays into different categories.
  • Change background
    Change background image on the different designs available in the solution. You can either upload a new image or just change the background color or font color.
  • Controlling the LED lights
    You control the LED settings in the administration module. The lights are activated and the intensity set per screen.
  • 'Bulk editing'
    Edit several rooms at the same time. This feature is particularly useful if you have many Room Booking Panel. Mark your rooms and start editing. Change the background image or logo on several screens at the same time. Or set the timezone, control the LED settings or add equipment to all of your screens in one workflow.

Benefits for the user:

  • Orange color indication
    When a meeting starts within 15 minutes or less a free meeting room can no longer be booked on the screen. This has always been a default feature in Pronestor Display. It is now indicated with an orange color on the screen to clarify it.
  • Meeting confirmation
    When you arrive at your meeting room before meeting start and you confirm your meeting on the screen the status will change to red/busy immediately.

LED wall mounts

The LED wall mounts indicate from a distance with a green or red LED light whether a room is free or not. The settings are controlled in Pronestor Display, and you choose whether you want the light to be active and how bright it should be.

For more information on the LED wall mounts please go to

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