Configuration Guide - the locally installed Visitor Self-registration module

Installation of the Self Registration Module

  1. Download the "Self Registration Module" installation file.
  2. Save the installation file on your desktop.
  3. Run the installation program
  4. Complete the installation by following the onscreen guide.

Please note: The Self Registration Module is an add-on module to the Reception Module. So... before installing the Self Registration Module, you need to install the Reception Module.


Opening the configuration form

To configure the Self Registration Module you must open the configuration window. Please run the module and then enter a secret key combination as described below:

  1. Launch the Self Registration Module
  2. Click any key to pass the screen saver
  3. Now click the following key combination:
    [home-key] p r o n e s t o r [home-key]


Adding your own logo to each screen
Pronestor Visitor Self Registration can easily be customized to show a company logo. The logo should be 300x300pixel (72dpi) and stored in GIF-format.

Please overwrite the default logo - C:\Program Files (x86)\proNestor aps\proNestor Visitor Selfregistration\www\gfx\logo.gif

If you use other fileformat, edit in C:\Program Files (x86)\proNestor aps\proNestor Visitor Selfregistration\www\css\ProNestor.css 
edit with Notepad. background-image:url('../gfx/logo.gif'); to other filename.


Advanced - Customize the different screens
It is possible to customize the look and feel of the Self Registration Module. This is done by customizing the various web pages (HTML).

Important - customizing the design does require knowledge of HTML/CSS - and is not a service that is handled by Pronestor.

The webpages can either live on the PC running the self registration module, or you can refer to webpage on a webserver. By default you’ll find the pages in c:\program files\Pronestor aps\Pronestor Visitor Selfregistration\www



Default HTML file

Screen saver

Page shown when PC is in screen saver mode


Choose language

Page in the choose language step – is only visible if more than on language has been configurered for the installation


Choose company

If you are running a multi-tenant solution, then the visitor must choose which company he/she is visiting


Choose Visitor category

Page for choose visitor category



Approval of a Non disclose agreement – this will then be the text for the actual NDA or equally


Visitor data form

The step when the visitor needs to enter their name etc.


Thank you

Page when a successful check in has been done – telling the user where to go


Invalid badge

If check-in is done using an existing badge, and the check-in fails - a page notifying the visitor what to do is shown


Valid badge check in

Page shown when check in using scanner is performed with success


Valid badge check out

Page shown when check out using scanner is performed with success





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