Setting up the database for On-premise solutions

This section will guide you through the configuration of the database and it will include the following steps: 
  • Create Pronestor database 
  • Create user account for the database 
  • Choosing data 

Create Pronestor database 

Setting up a database on the SQL server requires that you have installed or has access to a Microsoft SQL server. 
To work on the SQL Server you need to launch the SQL Server Management Studio. 
  1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio – you’ll find this tool in Start->All Programs->Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012
  2. Connect to the database by logging in to the SQL Server 
  3. Choose Databases folder in the left menu, right-click and select New Database 
  4. Give the database a name (we’ll refer to it as ‘PronestorDB’) 
  5. Click OK to create the database, and close the “New database” window
  6. Choose Security in the left menu – and then right-click Logins and choose New Login 

Create User account for the database

We need an account on the SQL server so we can access the Pronestor database from our application

Note – using Windows Authentication on SQL Server
Pronestor Planner supports both SQL Server Authentication and Windows Authentication on the SQL Server. If you require that the access to the SQL server uses Windows Authentication – please see section 5.1 Enabling Windows Authentication on SQL Server


  1. Set the Login name (we’ll use ‘PronestorUser’ in these guide) 
  2. Choose SQL Server Authentication 
    You can use Windows Authentication as well - it will require that you set up the application pool to have the appropriate permissions 
  3. Set a password and confirm password 
  4. Disable “Enforce password policy”
    You can enable this, thus requiring you to enter a password that complies with the given password policies


Set database and user mapping

  1. Choose User Mapping in the left menu 
  2. Enable ‘PronestorDB’ in the upper window 
  3. Set the following database role memberships for the database as db_owner

Populating database with data

When launching Pronestor Planner for the very first time, the database will automatically be create with table etc. 

If you want the default data in the database to be different from "en-US", please edit the appsettings.config as described below.

  1. Edit the file “appSettings.config” in Notepad (located in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\pronestor\Configuration) 
  2. Locate the section “<appSettings>” 
  3. Specify the “SeedCulture”, i.e. the language of the inserted data, e.g. “da-DK” for Danish: 
  4. <add key=" SeedCulture " value="en-US "/> 
  5. Save the file


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