Room Booking Panel

By default a Room booking panel will be provisioned for every room that you have in Pronestor Display.

You can set up everything from logo, buttons and design. You can have different set-ups per room.

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Room Booking Panel List

All Room Booking Panel are listed here. Each Room Booking Panel is listed with it's name, design used, timezone, the enabled interactivitity options used for each Room Booking Panel and a status of the heart beat of the Room Booking Panel. 

Heartbeat signal (Polling)

The Room Booking Panel list shows the "heartbeat" of every display. The purpose of the ”heartbeat” (display status) – is to give the administrator a warning if one or more devices are “not responding”. A “not responding” can occur due to different reasons – that be either missing power, broken wifi etc. 

If a Room Booking Panel has not requested information over a period of 10 minutes (should request every 1. Minute) – then the status will change to “Not responding” – and a mail will be send to the email of the administrator.

The email used will be the administrator's login.

How to edit a Room Booking Panel

  • Choose “Displays“-tab
  • Click “Room Booking Panel” in the left menu
  • Click on the name of the Room Booking Panel you want to edit

You can also bulk edit multiple displays - please see the section "How to bulk edit Room Booking Panel" for information on this action.


  • Display Enabled – display is active or not
  • Tags - one or more tags making it easier to filter displays in the Room Booking Panel list. (if rooms are imported from Pronestor Room, the location of the room will always be listed)


    • Show logo – Show logo (like a company logo or room logo)
    • Show Room image – Show room image when clicking details on a display (room image is set through – “Settings”->”Rooms” – for that specific room)
Make sure the filename only contains english letters and numbers. It fails if the filename contains ÆØÅ
  • Show Meetinglist button – Show button that will reveal all todays bookings of the room
  • Hide title - Hide the title on the Display. Can be useful if your titles contain sensitive information.
  • Hide owner - Hide the owner on the Display.
  • Sleep start - starts sleepmode for the site. The site becomes black and heartbeats are turned off. Uses the timezone from localization. NOTE does not affect the tablet, only the site.
  • Sleep end - ends sleepmode for the site. The site becomes black and heartbeats are turned off. Uses the timezone from localization. NOTE does not affect the tablet, only the site.


  • Require on-screen confirmation – Show confirmation button. The meeting will be cancelled if it isn't confirmed on the screen.
  • Confirmation in advance –  Minutes before booking start the confirmation button will show
  • Confirmation deadline –  Minutes after booking start that the confirmation must be performed
  • Allow on-screen booking – Show button to perform spontanious booking of meeting rooms
  • Allow on-screen end time changes – Show button to allow editing of the end time of current booking. This allows bookers to extend or shorten meetings.
  • Require pincode - any interaction on the screen will be challenged with a pincode
  • Verify Authorization - verify that the enabled interactivity options is possible with the service account used 

Error Reporting


LED Settings

These settings are only relevant if you are using the Pronestor LED wall mounts.

  • Enable Frame intensity Control – Enable light for this Room Booking Panel
  • Frame intensity - level of light intensity going from 0-5 (0 lowest till 5 highest)

IMPORTANT - this requires the latest kiosk browser from Pronestor (where the setting also have a setting related to screen brightness - please download it from our download site )


  • Timezone – Timezone for current display
  • Dateformat - Date format for the current display
  • Timeformat - Time format for current display
  • Language - language used for buttons etc. (* if using a custom design with user edited labels, this selection may be ignored)


  • Style – Choose a design template
  • Background image - image to be used as background on the display.
    Please check your tablet resolution to ensure a best fit:
    1280 x 800 px - image size for Philips 10BDL3051T
    1280 x 800 px - image size for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 – 7” og 10,1”.
    1024 x 768 px - image size for iPad 2 og Ipad mini.
    2048 x 1536 px - image size for all Retina iPads.
    We recommend that all images are jpegs and in 72 dpi.
    Make sure the filename only contains english letters and numbers. It fails if the filename contains ÆØÅ
  • Background image fit -  how to fit the background image
  • Background color - color to be used if background image doesn't fill the whole background
  • Font color - color to be used for text in "room name" and "Next meeting" labels


  • Width/Height – pixel width and height for the preview window
  • Maintain aspect ratio – when enabled, any changes to width or height will keep the ratio of the preview window.

How to bulk edit Room Booking Panel

In the list of Room Booking Panel - you can select one or more Room Booking Panel that you want to apply the same settings for. Using Bulk Edit will make it easy to apply one or more settings to all Room Booking Panel or a group of Room Booking Panel.

When bulk editing Room Booking Panel you will be presented with all the settings that a Room Booking Panel offers. Only the settings that you enable, will be applied to all the Room Booking Panel that one has chosen to bulk edit.




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