Mobile Display

By default the Mobile display will be provisioned for you have in PRONESTOR DISPLAY.
NOTE – the module is limited by a license – thus if you don’t have a license you will experience shortly that the Mobile Display will be limited in functionality


How to edit the Mobile Display

In the current version there is no administration options for the Mobile Display – the Mobile Display will only figure in the list of provision displays.


How to access the Mobile Display on your mobile phone

The Mobile Display can be opened on ANY smart phone by using the web browser on the mobile phone. Just enter the link to the Mobile Display which you can find at ex. http://your_pronestor_server/pronestordisplay

By using MDM (Mobile Device Management) you could “push” this as a shortcut to all phones, so that it figures as an “application icon” on each device.

Or you can include a link on the default webpage for mobile phone, so users can activate the Mobile Display there.

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