Welcome Letter - 60 days trial license

Your license key

We have attached a valid license key to your welcome letter. It expires within 60 days (please use this in order to overwrite the trial key).

The very moment our accounts department has confirmed your payment a new valid license key without any expiration date will be sent to you.
BUT - before we can provision this final license key for you, we need the server host name or IP of the server running the Pronestor Display software.
The valid license key will be locked for that specific server.

If you in the future need to move the software to another server we will provide you with a new license key. 

Need our help?

We are very eager to help you so please write us if you have ANY questions - please write to our helpdesk

If you need our help for installation, we can offer you a remote session where we can guide and help you doing the installation.
If you need our help for designing the layout for the displays - let us know and we will be more than happy to help you with that as well.

Please note: The two above mentioned services are add-on services and will be invoiced per hour. 

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