Upgrade Pronestor Display


This is a guide on how to upgrade an older version of Pronestor Display.


UPGRADE - server side

IMPORTANT - please do a backup of your current installation - in case a roll-back will be required. (see section later in this document on how to find the application folder)

IMPORTANT - for larger installations we do strongly recommend that a test environment is used to validate upgrade before applying to production environment

  • Download from
  • Turn off the application pool for the site.
  • Go to the installationfolder. The default path is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\pronestor\display
  • Make a backup of the entire installation folder. <- this is very important! If you skip this step, you loose all your settings.
  • Overwrite the installationfolder with the files from
  • Go to the backed up installationfolder.
  • Copy the XML files from app_data folder in the backup.
  • Paste the XML files into the installationfolder\app_data and overwrite the current files.
  • Start the application pool.
  • Done.

When done - please login on to the Pronestor Display solution to validate the upgrade. The displays will automatically refresh once the server upgrade is done.

If you have upgraded from a version with a version number like 2.x.x.x - please go into the Internet Information Service, and set the application pool for Pronestor Display to use .NET Framework 4.0 - before starting Pronestor Display.

UPGRADE - displays

Once the server software of Pronestor Display has been upgraded, we strongly advise you to upgrade the displays with newest version of the Kiosk Browser as well (Android devices and iOS)

The upgrade is done by running the newest version of Kiosk Browser on each display.

Locating the current application folder

  • Open Internet Information Service
  • Locate the web site or directory called "PronestorDisplay"
  • Right click and choose "Browse" - this will open a File Explorer where the application is installed


If you get

Internal server error 500

after upgrading the site, please

  • go to the sites install location
  • open the folder named App_Data
  • delete the file named Version.txt


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