Configuration Setting files - Walk through


In the Pronestor Room folder you'll find a subfolder called "Configuration".

This folder contains a set of configuration files that the solution uses for system configuration like email settings, database connection and other system relevant settings.

This article will describe the purpose of each setting file. 


Contains a list of keys with values dictating different settings for Pronestor Room

Key Value Description
UseGoogleAnalytics True/False For analytic purpose using Google Analytics - disable if access to Internet is disabled (default false)
UseGoogleJQuery True/False Reading JQuery library from internet or local (default true)
DevelopmentMode True/False Internal development key
UseWindowsAuthentication True/False If Booking should authenticate using Windows Domain Credentials (default false)
EnableRepositoryCaching True/False Internal development key
MigrationEnabled True/False Internal development key (used when upgrading version)
CombineWebAssets True/False All jquery/css libraries will be combined into fewer files for performance (default:true)
EnableSmtpSsl True/False -
SeedCulture See file Used when provisioning af new database so data default data is in correct language
EnableMailLogging True/False Used for debug purpose - so supervise emails send from Pronestor Room - logs are saved in app_data\log.txt (default false)



Contains a list of connection strings used for connecting to different datasource - included the default database used with Pronestor

Name ConnectionString
dbConnectionString Connection string to database for Pronestor
elmahConnectionString Connection string to database for elmah (file based logging solution)



Contains settings for mail configuration.


<smtp deliveryMethod="Network" from="">



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