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Pronestor Outlook add-in doesn't load


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    After upgrading an older version of PRONESTOR BOOKING add-in for Microsoft Outlook - the add-in does not load and therefore doesn't work in Outlook



    This issue occurs when Outlook has been upgraded, and the old PRONESTOR BOOKING add-in for Outlook hasn't been removed properly


    How to solve

    Ensure that only one PRONESTOR BOOKING add-in for Outlook is enabled, and if necessary remove the old one.


    * Open Outlook with "run-as-administrator"

    * Go til File

    * Click Options

    * Go to Add-ins

    * Click GO in "manage COM Add-ins"

    * Locate "proNestor Booking for Outlook" that points to a location of an "PronestorOutlook2004AddIn.dll"

    * Remove that one

    * Ensure that the remaining "proNestor Booking for Outlook" is active by enabling the checkbox

    * Restart Outlook

    If the following error shows "This add-in is installed for all users on this computer and can only be connected or disconnected by an administrator." ensure that the action above is performed with Administrative permissions


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