Best practise on how to create a new tenant in a multicompany house

This is our best practise guide on how to create a new tenant in your Pronestor solution. If you have enabled that users can create themselves, this will let them create themselves and get their own billing account. If you are using Pronestor Visitor it will also ensure they are under their own company in Visitor.


Table of contents

Create company

  • Go to Organisation
  • Click Add new company
  • mceclip0.png
  • Name the firm and press create
  • mceclip6.png

Create department

  • Go to Organization
  • Click Add new department
  • mceclip1.png
  • Name the department and click Create
  • mceclip8.png

Connect domains

This should be done for both the company and the department. The process is the same for both.

  • Go to Organisation
  • Click the company or department
  • Click Add email domain
  • mceclip9.png
  • Type in your domain and click Save
  • mceclip11.png

Create billing account

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Billing
  • Click New billing account
  • mceclip3.png
  • Name it and click save
  • mceclip5.png

Connect billing account and department

  • Go to Organisation
  • Click on your department
  • Click on Billing accounts
  • mceclip12.png
  • Click on the + for your billing account
  • mceclip13.png
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