Resource filter and how to make the reports show what you want them to show

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What is a resource filter?

When you open a report, you choose a resource filter.


This resource filter decides what is in the report. All resource filters can be customized and they are not automatically updated. If your report is missing a resource (for instance the catering resource Water) then it is because that resource isn't part of the resource filter.

What does my resource filter contain?

Click "Resource filter" under reports

Click the pencil to check the resource filter you want to investigate


Locations are which Pronestor locations that are available for the filter.

Resource filters can be set up with individual resources or resource categories. If you set it up for resource categories, then it includes all resources in those resource categories.

Generally we recommend using the resource categories. Most new resources are created in an existing resource category so by using resource categories you don't have to update the resource filter as often.

In this example the filter contains the resource categories Beverages, Chocolate etc., Breakfast, Lunch, and Special orders. If a resource is in any of those resource categories, it will be included in your report when you choose this resource filter.


Here is another example. This one has specific resources instead of resource categories. This means that it will only show meetings containing these specific resources, and it will only show those resources in the report.

If you create a new resource that should be in the report, you have to remember to add them to your resource filter.



If a meeting contains both a resource included in the filter, say "Water" from the Beverages resource category, and a resource that isn't in the filter, for example the other equipment "AV projector", then the meeting will appear in your report, but it will only show the resources included in the filter. So it won't show the "AV projector". Here is an example

The meeting under "bookings" where you see everything connected to it:


The meeting in the report where you only see the "Water"



As you can see, the "AV projector" isn't in the report, because it isn't in the resource filter. But "Water" is, so it shows.  

How do I add a resource to my resource filter?

This depends on whether you have resources or resource categories in your resource filter. If you use resource categories, please add the resource category that contains the resource. If you use resources, you can pick the resource from the list.

Click "resource filter" under reports

Click the pencil to check the resource filter you want to add the resource to

Add either the resource or the resource category

For example:

I want to add the equipment resource "AV projector" to the resource filter "z - custom 2".

I know that the resource "AV projector" is in the resource category "Projectors"

Click the little arrow down

I had to scroll down to find my category

Then click "Projectors"


Once you save, the "AV projector" is added to the resource filter.


How do I create a new resource filter?

Go to "Resource filter"

Click "New resource filter" on the top right side


Give it a name and press save.

The new resource filter is created, but it is empty. Remember to add resources to it. How do I add a resource to my resource filter?

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