Pronestors Technical Covid-19 FAQ

In general, Pronestor is following the recommendations from the Danish government and health services, in order to avoid covid-19.

In case of quarantine, our infrastructure and contingency plans are ready and it will not affect our cloud services or daily operations.

Q: How to shut down the catering?

Since a lot of kitchens will shut down, you might want to make it impossible for users to book catering in a specific period. This can be done with the function closing days.

Closing days for catering items

From version 6.0.47 and onwards, it's possible to set specific closing days for all catering items. This will ensure that all catering items are set as "Not available" for the entire day.

  1. Click on "Closing days" which is found under the catering categories.
  2. Click on "Add closing days"
  3. Use the calendar to find the day(s) the canteen is closed and click on "Add".
  4. Once you have selected the days, click on "Save".

Q: How can we use Pronestor to limit people contact?

If you still receive visitors to your offices, then you can use the Visitor Boarding card to give your guests a QR code for checking into the Visitor Selfregistration.

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