Recommended picture sizes

We recommend that you compress the picture as much as possible while retaining the resolution to improve performance. This can be done using or another tool of your choosing.

See the table below for recommended sizes.

Please note that Pronestor is shown in a browser and that pictures get scaled based on your resolution.

For example, the login picture we use as default in the solution is 600px x 825px but you rarely see the full picture, as shown here:





size (w x h)

Login page png/jpg 600px x 825px
Navigation logo png/jpg 25x125
Resource image png/jpg 220x150




Room Booking Panel  - background png/jpg 1280x800
Room logo png/jpg 800x600
Room Activity Panel - background png/jpg Fit screen solution
Meeting Activity Panel - background png/jpg Fit screen solution




Self Registration png/jpg 1920x1080


Background image for display depending on tablet type:

Please check your tablet resolution to ensure a best fit:

1280 x 800 px - image size for Philips 10BDL3051T

1280 x 800 px - image size for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 – 7” og 10,1”.

1024 x 768 px - image size for iPad 2 og Ipad mini.

2048 x 1536 px - image size for all Retina iPads.

We recommend that all images are jpegs and in 72 dpi.


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