How to install Pronestor Visitor Web Selfregistration

Pronestor Visitor Web Selfregistration is a way for your visitors to register themselves when they arrive. Their host will be given a notification so they know their guest has arrived. This guide will show you how to install and setup the Pronestor Visitor Web Selfregistration.

Pronestor Visitor web is fully compatible with Pronestor Visitor selfregistration and Visitor receptionmodule, when they they are set up towards the same database.

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  • Hardware device to stand in the reception.
  • Installed browser on the device.
  • Hosted Pronestor Planner with Visitor enabled. Contact if you dont have this.
  • Admin rights in hosted Pronestor Planner with Visitor enabled.

Requirements for Print:

  • Windows PC or Windows Server (with access to the Pronestor Web installation via http/https).
  • Privileges to install Visitor Agent as a Service.
  • User account in Pronestor Planner that can work as a service account. Only needs local booker rights.


Recommended devices

Pronestor Visitor is run in a browser, so it can run on any device with a working browser. Due to sizing we recommend:

Android +4.4 (+10 inch)
iOS +11 (+10 inch)
Windows 10 (+10 inch – recommend using Chrome browser)

(QR support requires access to web camera)

We are working on expanding our recommendations and will update this section later.


Installing a browser

The device has to have a browser installed.

Pronestor offers a Kiosk Browser app for locking down Android and iOS. It can be downloaded here Link

We also offer support the latest version of Edge and Chrome.


Installing Visitor

Pronestor Visitor Web is only available for cloud customers at this time. Pronestor will enable it on your Pronestor Planner solution.

If you have Visitor Web enabled in your Planner solution, you can access it here:

This guide Link explains how to setup and configure Visitor for selfregistrations.


Installing Print

Please see this guide Link


Required settings for using Chrome browser

If your chosen browser is Chrome, please update the settings to stop saving info to Chrome.

  • On your device, open Chrome.
  • At the top right click the dots, then click "Settings"
  • At the top, under “Autofill”, click Payment methods or Addresses and more.
  • To stop saving payment info, turn off Save and fill payment methods.
  • To stop saving addresses and contact info, turn off Save and fill addresses.
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