Pronestor Planner Scheduling assistant feature

This guide is for PAs, receptionists, secretaries and others with the "secretary" right in Pronestor Planner.

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How to access Scheduling Assistant

Pronestors old schedular has been given an update and renamed to Scheduling Assistant. It is only available if you have the "secretary" right in Pronestor Planner. You can access it by clicking the button "Scheduling assistant" in the black bar at the top. The default view is of today, but you can change the view to another day, or to get an overview of the entire week by clicking the buttons.

How to get an overview

The point of the scheduling assistant is to give you a quick overview and a fast way to book a meeting. Here you can see which rooms are occupied and when. It also shows how many attendees the meeting has, so you can move the meeting to a room with a more fitting capacity.

How to change date


How to change to week view


How to use the filters

The filters can be a very powerful tool to get a quick overview. By clicking "Filters" you can see your options

In that picture we only chose one location, but you can choose multiple locations. It can show rooms with a specific capacity or specific criteria. As an example, I wanted a room for 5 people, with chrome cast on the DK - lyngby location. So I filled out the filter and clicked "Apply filter"

That gives me this view of rooms that fulfil these criteria

You can instantly remove all filters so you can see all the meeting rooms by clicking "Clear all"

How to book a meeting with scheduling assistant

In the scheudling assitant, you can easily get an overview and book meetings. You can click anywhere to create a meeting and drag the edges of the meeting to change the timeframe.


How to move a meeting from scheduling assistant

Just click the meeting to open it up, and update which meeting room or timeframe it is connected to.


How to see expanded information about a meeting room

Please click the little ! by the meeting room. Then a tab will appear with the extended information.


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