How to move your on-premise Display installation to a new server

If you are hosting your own Pronestor Display server, it can become necessary to move the installation to another server.

Check which version of Display you have installed.

This can be found in the buttom of your solution, when you are logged in as an administrator. In this example the version is

Backup the old servers Display installation.

Locate the folder on your old server where the Display is installed. You can find it by opening the program Internet Information Service, go to the website directory which is usually called PronestorDisplay, right click ad choose browse. This will open a file explorer in your installation folder.

Backup all the files somewhere reachable, for example a usb drive or a shared drive on your network.

Get the installation files and license

Download the installation files here

Your license is IP dependent, so you will need a new license for the new server. Please contact and ask us to check whether your license will work on the new server. Please include the IP address of the new server.

Install Pronestor Display on the new server.

If you need help, see our guide on installing Display

Configuring the new installation

Overwrite the new installation with the files from the old server.

If needed, add the new license you got from Pronestor.


If you have an IP or Server specific License you will need to obtain a new license from, If not the display server will not run

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