How to limit meeting rooms, catering other equipment to specific users - older UI

It's possible to limit the resources in Pronestor Planner to specific people. That way only specific people can order a meeting room or catering.

It is done through the VIP function. This guide covers how to do it for meeting rooms, but it is the exact same procedure for catering and other equipment.

Go to your Pronestor Planner administrationmodule and choose Resources

The meeting rooms that should be limited need to be in the same category. In this guide I will make the two rooms in Auditorier limited to the users Jan Meyer.

Go to the resource category that needs to be limited and press Edit name and status

Click off the VIP box and press save.

The resources in the category are now limited. You can only see them if you are a member of the VIP group Auditorier. The group has a little key to show that it is locked for regular users.


No one is a member of that group, since I just made it. If you are using Active Directory import you can link an Active Directory group to this new VIP group. See the Active Directory guide for a how to.

I will show you how to manually add a user to the group. So lets go and add some users to the group. You will need administrative access to do this. Go to users and press edit on the user you want to give this access

You can see the VIP access. Click it and press save.

And we're done. The meeting rooms in the category Auditorier is limited to the user Jan Meyer. The same can be done for catering resource categories and other equipment categories.






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