oAuth for Planner, or how to set up Exchange integration for Office 365 / Exchange online, also known as oAuth or modern authentification

Pronestor Planner needs information from Outlook if you want them integrated so you can move meetings in your outlook calendar. This guide shows your how you can integrate Pronestor Planner with Exchange using Exchange Web Services (EWS) if you’re using Office 365 or Exchange Online and wants to authenticate using OAuth. You will need administrator rights in Pronestor Planner and Azure Active Directory.


Go to

Choose Azure Active Directory and then Properties as shown

Here you can see your Directory ID. Please copy it as you will need it later. 

Then go to App registrations and press "+New application registration"

Give the application a name. In this guide I chose the name Pronestor. Set the application type to web app / api and set the sign-on url to be your Pronestor Planner site and press "Create". An example could be this:

sign-on URL: https://<customer_name>>/Booking.NET/Login.mvc/Login
After you pressed "Create" you see the apps information. Please press "Settings" and then "Required permissions".


Under required permissions press "+Add", then under add API access choose "Select an API" and in Select and API choose "Office 365 Exchange Online" and then press "Select" as shown here:

Then it asks which permission to get. Please choose "Use Exchange Web Services with full access to all mailboxes" and press "Select".

Correction: API Permissions-> Add a permission->Exchange->full_access_as_app


Now press "Done".

Then press "Grant permission" and choose "Yes".

Press the applications properties and copy Application ID for later user.


Now we go to the Pronestor solution. Please open your Pronestor site and go here

Check the box for "Exchange online". This will give you the option to check off "Use OAuth".

Then it will look like this


Put application id in the Client id field and the directory id in the directory id field.


Now we need a default booker. When a meeting is imported from Exchange online, it has an owner. If this owner doesn't exist in Pronestor Planner, Pronestor Planner needs to know which user to set as the meeting owner. In this example I created a user named Default for this purpose, but you can choose an existing user or create your own default user. Once you have chosen the user, press "Save".


Now press "Create new certificate"



You will get this pop-up. Press "OK".

You will be asked to download a file. This guide is made in Mozilla, so the file download might look different. Please save the file to your machine in a place where you can find it again.

Go back to Azure Active Directory and find your app from before and click it. Please disregard that the app in this guide has changed name.

Then press "Settings", "Keys" and "Upload Public Key".



Then press the little folder to open a file explorer and upload the certificate from Pronestor

Please press "Save" and then it will look like this:


Then we return to Pronestor Planner and press "Test connection"


The little text up here changes to "OK" and that means it is configured correctly.


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    Make sure the two following redirects are set:

    Azure->App Registrationa->Pronestor->Authentications

    Ensure following rows are presents:

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