How to update your Pronestor Planner License for on-premise customers - Older UI

This guide will show on-premise customers how to update their Pronestor Planner license. Pronestor handles this for cloud customers, so if we are hosting your solution, you can disregard this guide.


You will need administrative access to your Pronestor Planner and the license file named Pronestor.lic


Log into Pronestor Planner.

Go to the administration module and pick Settings and then choose license.

Here you can see the details of your current license. In this guide I'm using my internal demo, so my company name is eu-demo.deploy

Please press the button called insert license to get the pop-up, and then press Browse to get a file explorer and open the file. It's important that you don't rename the file and that you upload the Pronestor.lic and not the zipped file.

When you have inserted the new license, it will look like this and you have done it. I have censored the company name for privacy issues, but you can see that there are different numbers in date, catering, equipment and so on.


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