Complete Display configuration guide

This guide goes over the configurations you can do in on the Pronestor Display site.

If you're looking for configurations for specific panels, please see these guides:

If you're looking for how to configure the tablets, then please check out this section of our helpdesk

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  • Login credentials to your Pronestor Display solution

How to reach the administration options of Pronestor Display

Go to your Pronestor Display link. In this guide I'm using a demo environment called . If you're in our cloud, your site is usually called

Click "* Administration - logon"


Fill out your login credentials and click "Login"


From here you can access all the administration options in Pronestor Display.

The "Displays" tab

Here you can the websites shown on your tablets. Please see these guides on how to edit the different types

The "Analytics" tab

Please see this guide

The "Settings" tab

How to connect your solution to a calendar

Please see this guide

How to import meeting rooms from your calendar

This depends on the data source of your Pronestor Display solution.

Pronestor Planner

If your solution is Planner connected, please click "Search for rooms"


Pronestor Display will find every meeting room from Pronestor Planner and tell you how many Room booking panels you're about to import.

Click "OK"


All your Pronestor Planner meeting rooms will now be visible in the overview. If you have more Pronestor Planner meeting rooms than you Pronestor Display licenses, then please remember to disable any extra Room booking panels.



If your solution is Exchange connected, there are two ways to connect the meeting rooms. You can search for specific meeting rooms, or you can import every meeting room that is setup as a meeting room in Exchange.

To import all meeting rooms, please click "Search for rooms"


You will get a popup that tells you how many meeting rooms you are about to import.

Note - only meeting rooms on Exchanges room list is added. If your meeting room isn't on the room list, please use "Find room" for it instead.

Click "OK"


The meeting rooms are now imported.

To import specific meeting rooms instead, please click "Find room"


Type in the meeting rooms email address

Click "Find"


The meeting room is then imported.


Click "Search for rooms"


How to edit the Displays name and choose a room image

You can edit the Displays name and choose a room image under settings -> rooms. The rest of the editing options are over under the Display tab.

Click "Edit"


To change the Room booking panels name update the "Display name" and click "Save"


Upload a room image for the Display. This picture needs to be enabled on the Room booking panel as well.

Click "Choose picture"


Click the picture you want and press "Choose"

Make sure the filename only contains english letters and numbers. It fails if the filename contains ÆØÅ


Click "Save"


How to set up error reporting

Error reporting lets users report an error in the meeting room from the Room Booking Panel. This ensures that your Facilities Manager can get informed swiftly and simply.

The user simply reports it on the screen, and Pronestor sends an email.

Go to Settings -> Error reporting

Click "+ Add Equipment"


Fill out the relevant information for the equipment.

Equipment can be defined with:

  • Name of equipment - a complete name that is used in the administration module
  • Name listed on display - the name of the equipment as it should be shown on a Room Booking Panel
  • Allow comments on screen - when choosing the equipment, should user be allowed to send a comment upon reporting an error?
  • Confirmation text - short text shown to the user when he/she reports an error for that specific equipment
  • Error report e-mail recipient - the person to be notified when an error reporting has been performed or has been disabled

In this example it is a Jabra speaker, and gets the email if it is reported broken.

Click "Create"


Note - port 587 (smtp) must be open before an e-mail can be send to e-mail recipient.

Once the equipment has been created, you can enable it on the individual room booking panels.


We have three possible security measures you can take on your solution. They can be found under Settings --> Security

Security token:

We recommend this feature for all our online Pronestor Display customers, since the users won't be prompted when they interact with the Room Booking Panel.

You can access the site with the overview of the displays, but you when you try to access the room booking panels you will be prompted for the token.

If your Pronestor Display site has been configured to require tokens to be set - please use the following URL when setting up your tablets:[id]?securitytoken=[yourtoken]

Authentication pin-code:

This feature enables a pin code authentification on the displays. This means that you will be prompted for the pin-code when you interact with the Room Booking Panel.

Authentication pin-code has to be enabled both under Settings --> Security and on the individual Room Booking Panel in the interactivity pane.

Hidden Public Display Overview:

You can only enter the site with the admin login. This means that when you configure the tablets, you need to login with the email and login to see the meeting rooms site. It also means that no outsider can see the status of your meeting rooms or book spontaneous meetings.

Tick off the box to enable it. It is disabled by default.

My Settings

There is only 1 user for Pronestor Display, and this is where you can see it. You can change the login and the password for the administration account here.

We recommend that you change the password the first time you login since the password given by Pronestor isn't very safe.



This is where you upload your license and where you can see how much your license covers.

To insert the license

Click "Insert license"


Click "Browse..."


Use the file explorer to find the Pronestor.lic file


Click "Open"

Click "Insert license"


The license is now uploaded


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