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Single sign on (SSO) - using ADFS



  • R&D

    Troubleshooting tip
    "You were authenticated successfully by your SSO-provider, but the response couldn't be validated by Pronestor. Please contact your system administrator"

    - Make sure the "Relying party identifiers" is set correct (no ending slash - should be etc. "")

    - Ask the customer to look into ADFS and list the exception received

  • R&D

    For customers with onpremise version of Planner - the following settings must be added to the appsettings.config file (<siteroot>\configurations\appsettings.config)

    FederatedAuth = ADFS
    FederatedAuth.ADFS.Name = <name> (ex.
    FederatedAuth.ADFS.LoginUrl = <url> (ex.
    FederatedAuth.ADFS.LogoutUrl = <url> (ex. htttps://
  • René Nielsen

    "We do support adding a customer/partner certificate to the request coming from pronestor to the customer's ADFS.
    The transport layer between Pronestor and customer is encrypted within the https protocol.

    We don't currently support a required pronestor sign certificate for the request coming back from customer's ADFS."


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