Configuring IAdea XDS-1078 also called IAD

Updating the firmware

The firmware update can be found here:

Upgrade instructions

  • Download the latest firmware using Chrome or Firefox web browser and copy it onto root directory of an USB drive
  • Power on device and plug in USB mouse to the device
  • From Basic Settings menu, go to Advanced > System > Firmware Update. Insert USB drive to the device and do NOT remove USB drive until player reboots to the Basic Settings menu

Configuring the device

Configure the device accordingly to the specification and recommendation from IAdea.

Important notes:

  • Follow the recommendation from IAdea on how to lock down the device
  • The device must be able to reach Pronestor Display server via http/https
  • The Pronestor Kiosk browser is NOT required installed on this device
  • Disable finger-pinch zoom with the setting: Advanced -> Content -> AppStart -> Advanced -> Desktop Mode

Enabling a room display

Once the device is up and running - the "Player" on the device should be configured with a link to the server with Pronestor Display.


  • Within Basic Settings click "Set content"
  • Set the content URL to the Pronestor Display site - ex.[id]
  • Click the "Loud Speaker" icon in the lower section of the screen
  • Click "Volumes" - and ensure that volume is set to mute (move scale to the left)
  • Click "OK"
  • Click the "House" icon in the lower section to return
  • Click "Play"

How to return to the configuration

Place a finger in one of the four corners of the screen and wait 5 secs.


If your Pronestor Display site has been configured to require tokens to be set - please use the following URL :[id]?securitytoken=[yourtoken]



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