Configuring IAdea XDS-1078 also called IAD

Updating the firmware

The firmware update can be found here, we support version 2.0.2:

Configuring the device

Configure the device accordingly to the specification and recommendation from IAdea.

Important notes:

  • Follow the recommendation from IAdea on how to lock down the device
  • The device must be able to reach Pronestor Display server via http/https
  • The Pronestor Kiosk browser is NOT required installed on this device
  • Disable finger-pinch zoom with the setting: Advanced -> Content -> AppStart -> Advanced -> Desktop Mode

Enabling a room display

Once the device is up and running - the "Player" on the device should be configured with a link to the server with Pronestor Display.


  • Within Basic Settings click "Set content"
  • Set the content URL to the Pronestor Display site - ex.[id]
  • Click the "Loud Speaker" icon in the lower section of the screen
  • Click "Volumes" - and ensure that volume is set to mute (move scale to the left)
  • Click "OK"
  • Click the "House" icon in the lower section to return
  • Click "Play"

How to return to the configuration

Place a finger in one of the four corners of the screen and wait 5 secs.


If your Pronestor Display site has been configured to require tokens to be set - please use the following URL :[id]?securitytoken=[yourtoken]



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