Pronestor Office 365 Add-in

Version: 8.0.4 and onwards

Supported platforms:

Outlook 2016 for Windows (Desktop client)
Outlook Web Access (Desktop browser)
Outlook 2016 for Mac (Desktop client)


Requires meting rooms to be available in Exchange and in Pronestor Planner (co-existing rooms)

How to configure Pronestor Office 365 Add-in

The following is available to you if your system administrator has configured Pronestor Planner to have Pronestor Office 365 Add-in enabled.

  1. Open your Pronestor Planner in a browser
  2. Go to My Settings and find the Office 365 add-in (see below)
  3. Select either Outlook Web Access or Desktop & Outlook Web Access depending on where you need to have the Pronestor Office 365 Add-in available to you
  4. Click Install
  5. To start using Pronestor 365 Add-in, go to your respective mail client
  6. Open the calendar and create a new appointment
  7. This is how it looks in Outlook 2016 
    1. 365addin_Outlook2016.gif
  8. This is how it looks in Outlook Web Access
    1. 365addin_OWA.gif
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