Configuring Scheduled Reporting - Older UI

Version: 8.0.4 and onwards

Scheduled Reporting can be enabled to provide all involved in the meeting booking process with a schedule sent directly to their mail.

How to configure the Scheduled Reporting

  1. Open the URL for your Pronestor Planner in a browser
  2. Go to the Administration tab
  3. Open the Reports tab and click on Scheduled reports (see below)
  4. Click on New scheduled report to define a schedule
  5. In the New scheduled report window, name the scheduled report and click Save (see below)
  6. In the following Scheduled report window, set up the resource filter, layout, daily send time, timezone, sent on weekdays and data period (see below)
    1. Best practise is to send the report at night, before 3.45am. Sending it in the morning won't always work
  7. Click Edit receivers to add receivers (see below)
  8. Click Edit scheduled report and click Save to save the scheduled report



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