Configuring Visitor Boarding Card - Older UI

Version: 8.0.4 and onwards

The Visitor Boarding Card is a way for you to inform external attendees about the location of your company, general information and emergency information prior to a scheduled meeting.

How to configure the Visitor Boarding Card

Not a system administrator? Click here for information on how to use the Visitor Boarding Card.

  1. Open the URL for your Pronestor Planner in a browser
  2. Go to the Administration tab
  3. In Administration, go to the Organization tab
  4. In the Organization tab, locate the address field and fill in an address (see below)
  5. To verify the address, hover the address information icon (see below)
  6. Go to the Settings tab
  7. Click on Email in the left side of the settings overview and find the Visitor Boarding Card section (see below)
  8. Click Edit for a specific location
  9. In the Visitor Boarding Card editor, check the Active checkbox, select the time prior to the meeting by which you want the external attendees to receive the email, activate the map and finally fill in general information and information related to emergencies (see below)
  10. Click Save to save the Visitor Boarding Card for that specific location. You're able to define one Visitor Boarding Card for each location
  11. Now the Visitor Boarding Card is active
  12. In order to set whether Visitor Boarding Cards are to be sent by default, go to Meeting settings in Settings
  13. Under Notification, check Send Visitor Boarding Card by default checkbox (see below)
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