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Pronestor Visitor does not per default delete or anonymize visitor information.

This article will explain how this can be performed - using a scheduled stored procedure.

The stored procedure can be configured to anonymize visitors back in time - with a parameters that states how old a badge/visit should be before it is anonymized. 

We will not remove/delete activities on visits - but will overwrite the visitors name and email with a "f" for first name and "l" as last name and email as "f_123@mail.mail" 



Knowledge of MSSQL Server Management Studio - and access to create stored procedures and jobs on SQL Server.



The steps to be performed are:

  • Create a stored procedure ([AnonymizeVistors])
  • Create a scheduled job

Creating the stored procedure

Run the attached script on the database for Pronestor.

When performed - a stored procedure with the name of "AnonymizeVistors" should appear within Programmability->Stored Procedures


Creating a scheduled job

  • Open SQL Server Agent
  • Open jobs
  • Right click and choose New Job
    • Within "Steps" - click "New"
    • Give it a name - ex. "AnonymizeVisitor"
    • In Database choose the Pronestor database
    • In Command - type (set daysbackintime for from when visitors should be anonymized)

      EXEC [dbo].[AnonymizeVistors]
      @daysbackintime = 120
    • Go to "Schedules" and configure it to run everynight


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