Retrieve list of ghost meetings


Retrieve a list of future reservations where the owner is deleted/removed from Pronestor.

With the list of meetings, then an administrator in Pronestor can delete the reservations to release the bookings of resources - or assign a contact person to those reservations that are to be managed by others.


  • Log on to the SQL server (IT manager)

Selecting data

  • Run the following script:
    SELECT, reservation.start_time, appuser.login, reservation_id
    FROM reservation INNER JOIN
    AppUser ON reservation.owner_user_id = AppUser.user_id
    WHERE (reservation.start_time > GETDATE())
    AND (owner_user_id in ((select user_id from appuser where deleted = 1)))


  • Create a SQL task, make it scheduled and then have SQL server send the list/result to the relevant Pronestor administrators.
    Note - use msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail to send the result by email
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