Tool to record behavior on PC


Tool to record behavior on Pc

Identification of the error can be sometimes problematic.

we experience that users have difficulty describing how they do to provoke an error in the system.

Windows 7 has a build-in tool called "recorder problem Steps" 
Windows 10 has a built-in tool called "steps recorder".

With this tool, we can follow the user's process, and we get information that makes us more præsist can identify the source of an error

use Step recorder so.
start to test that you can reproduce the error you are experiencing.
Once you have ascertained that you can reproduce the error, open step recorder.

Click "Start Recording" and then do exactly as you normally do when you encounter this error.
when the error is provoked, and you can see the error (possibly an error message), you can press "stop recording".

The file that the recorder has made,  can you send to proNestor, and we can see what's causing this error.

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