May 2013 – Pronestor Booking 2013 Service Pack 1

New features and improvements

  • New reservation type requiring information on participants
    When a meeting booker chooses this reservation type he is required to enter at least one participant by name in the list of participants in order to complete the reservation.
    Ensures that the required participant information is collected – in relation to cost/tax purposes.
  • Multi location booking
    With this new feature you can book meeting rooms and other resources in more than one location in one booking.
    You are based in Copenhagen and you are arranging a conference call with a coworker in your office in Stockholm. You choose date and time for the meeting and book meeting rooms, AV-equipment and catering services in both locations at the same time. The solution ensures that catering services are only delivered within the location it is ordered.
    Coordinators of video/conference calls across locations benefit from this feature since they can now make bookings in several locations at the same time.

  • Improvement on Outlook performance
    After upgrading to EXCHANGE 2010/2013 several of our clients experienced downtime and slow performance in Outlook. We have now patched the version and the Outlook performance is optimized.
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