February 2014 – Pronestor Booking 2014

New Features and improvements

  • Pronestor Analytics for Pronestor Room
    Pronestor Analytics gives you insight into your meeting room usage and is a valuable tool in your meeting cost calculations. We introduce a dashboard with interactive charts and tables with information on occupancy rates and reservation patterns. Pull reports and use the statistics for optimizing the use of your meeting rooms and resources.
    Pronestor Analytics is part of the basic solution of Pronestor Room.
    Please note: Pronestor Analytics requires Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 8 or newer.
  • Combined room Booking
    Used for booking of large combined meeting rooms that consist of multiple smaller rooms. Or the opposite… used for booking just one of the smaller meeting rooms instead of booking the whole combined room.This feature can also be used for booking individual workspaces.
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