October 2014 - Pronestor Room 2014 - Servicepack 2

New features

Co-existence - Pronestor Room & MS Exchange

With Co-existence Pronestor Room and MS Exchange are syncronized and room resources are shared. This new feature gives customers a number of benefits when implementing Pronestor Room.


  • Keep all room resources on the MS Exchange server
    The customers no longer need to delete the room resources on the Exchange server when implementing Pronestor Room.
  • Book your meeting rooms in Outlook as usual
    You do not have to change the way you already book your meeting rooms. All bookings of meeting rooms done in MS Exchange will be reflected in Pronestor Room and vice versa.
  • Book meeting rooms on any device
    Use your mobile platforms to book your meeting room - all booking will be reflected in Pronestor Room.
  • Easy installation and Proof of Concept
    Installing Pronestor room and performing Proof of Concept is now an easy and simple procedure.
  • Automatic data migration
    Future bookings registered in MS Exchange are automatically migrated in Pronestor Room upon installation. No manual typing.
  • Pronestor Analytics with history
    Pronestor Analytics gives a complete overview of all bookings - and with coexistence all historic bookings are immediately accessible for analysis.



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