March 2015 - Pronestor Planner 2015

New features

  • Email notification - last minute alerts
    Pronestor Planner gives you push emails on ressource booking changes. Facility managers, administrators and catering managers now get an Automatic notification if any changes have been made to existing reservations and there is something different to prepare.
    Benefits: You save a lot of time and the risk of missing important alterations to existing bookings is minimized.
    Please note: This new feature does not replace the normal report feature. It is meant to be used as a last minute alert tool.

  • Report permissions
    Set permissions on reports and control WHO sees which report. When restricting the access you create a much clearer overview of the available reports for everyone.
    Benefits: See only the needed reports and hide everything else. For Companies sharing facilities this feature is especially useful since it is now possible to resctrict the access and onlu see your own company's reports.


  • Account creation
    When users register themselves in the system they create their user account and depending on their domain name, they are now also connected to a company/department and as a result a default costcenter.
    The workload is minimized for the administrators. This is a valuable feature for companies sharing facilities since they now have an automatic procedure for assigning different cost centers to different users in the sign-up phase.

  • AD Integration
    We have simplified the AD integration process. It is now an Integrated part of the Administration module in Pronestor Planner.
    Benefits: No additional software is to be installed and the configuration process is much simpler.


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