May 2012 - Pronestor Display 2012 Service Pack 2 (2.2)

New features and improvements

  • Meeting Activity Overview
    A new display will be introduced for displaying today’s meetings on monitors in the reception area.
  • Room Availability Overview
    A display for your meeting room area. Gives a quick overview of all rooms in the area – see if they are free or busy and what’s going on in each room.
  • Flexible Design
    Adapt your display design to your Corporate identity. All displays can now be designed with almost any design requested. If your design works in HTML and a web browser it will also work in Pronestor Display.
  • User Interface
    Easier configuration af displays, all pop-up has been removed.
  • Performance Improvements
    The communication between PRONESTOR DISPLAY and Microsoft Exchange has been improved to avoid unneccesary waiting time.
    The full screen browser for Android based tablets are now ready.
    The app "locks" the screen and disables the zoom, pinch and copy/paste functionalities. It also reconnects automatically to the WiFi and hide any pop-up messages related to the web-browser and WiFi connection.
    To download the Kiosk Browser please go to Google Play.
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