March 2012 – Pronestor Booking 2012

New Features and improvements

Administration module

  • Settings -> Improved Export functionality.
    All data can be extracted from the database giving the customer the opportunity to create more specific reports based upon their individual needs.
  • Notification emails from Pronestor Booking
    Notification emails are more simple and userfriendly and are now highlighting the changes made for a meeting (e.g. change of quantity of coffee).
  • Less email notifications
    The canteen manger changes the quantity of sandwiches for a meeting – this action does not anymore automatically send an email notification to the meeting owner. If nessesary the canteen manger can individually choose to send an email notification.
  • Book “VIP” resources to “non VIP”-users
    Resource owner / manager and secretaries with access to “VIP” resources can now book “VIP” resources to “non VIP”-users.
  • Creation of new user-accounts
    Can now be set to “not allowing” users to create new user-accounts themselves from Outlook and the login web-interface. This should prevent redundant user-accounts in the solution.
  • Resource list and resouce calendar in Booking flow
    Selected resource categories can be set to default show All, None or First resource category (left top menu).
  • Create new Bookings
    Limit the period (e.g. 60 days from today) for which it is possible to create new bookings / meetings. Creating of new bookings / meetings beyond the period is not allowed.
  • Billing name field
    The billing name field now accepts longer names (change from 25 to 35 characters).
  • Print labels
    Eg. to be used in the canteen to print small labels to be sticked on catering orders.
  • New report
    Compact production report with many more orders / lines per page.

Web module

  • Copy meeting
    Recurring copy of meetings on specific dates – easy and fast to do.

Outlook Booking Module

  • 64bit support
    Outlook 2010 64bit support
  • Attendees
    Hidden email address for attendees when showing attendees free/busy data in calendar view (time line) together with meeting rooms, etc.


Bug Fixes for Web

  • Lists
    No errors when listing large amount of data in admin module (e.g. bookings, resources and users).
  • Booking Workflow
    On “check out” window the “MeetingPlace” field is no longer hidden when long text is wrapped.
    On “check out” window the “BillingAccount” field is no longer hidden when long text is wrapped.
    Billing notes does no longer overlap each other.
    The “booking note” field shown on some catering resources can now show long texts (more than one line).
    The “Check out” window; it is now possible to save a meeting with long “owner name” (defined in “show on infoscreen” window).
    New meeting creation; the “subject” field length limit is now correct.
  • Administation Module
    A resource owner / manager can within the “Bookings” window now reschedule / move a meeting.
  • Resource week scheme
    Long texts in the week scheme is now shown.
  • Global resources
    “Auto suggest” functionality does now show “global resources”.
    “Resource filter” functionality does now also work on “global resources”.
  • Other
    The bottom of some “Admin Edit Windows” are cut of on small screens (low resolution) – now it is shown.
    Other minor bug fixes.
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