October 2013 – Pronestor Booking 2013 Service Pack 2

New features and improvements

  • Outlook 2013 Support
    The Outlook Add-In to proNestor Booking supports Outlook 2013. Relevant for customers who upgrade to Office 2013.
  • Catering required for certain rooms
    Set up certain meeting rooms to be booked only together with certain catering resources. If catering criteria for the specific room is not met the booking cannot be finalized. The resource owner administrates this feature in the Administration module.
  • Alternative start time to show on displays – This feature is to be used with proNestor Display.
    A reservation of a room can be set to start at 10:30am – but on the displays you can state that it should show 11.00 am.
  • Max capacity on rooms
    Every room has a maximum capacity.
    If you make a meeting appointment with 20 people and the chosen room is listed for 18 people maximum a pop-up alert will be shown. Booking is still possible but the message pops up for info, security reasons and fire regulations.
  • Limited catering resources per day
    Limit the number of catering resources available per day. The daily quantity available can be set per resource – when this number is reached no more orders of that resource can be done that day. The ongoing remaining number of the specific resource is shown in the system.

Bug fixes

  • Minor fix: Extra dropdown of booked meeting rooms
    When multiple meeting rooms have been booked, one can choose the delivery address in the catering tab upon booking for catering resources.
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