Upgrade Pronestor Planner - On Premise


This is a guide on how to upgrade Pronestor Planner to latest version.

The upgrade will involve server software and Pronestor Outlook Add-in for customers using the add-in.


IMPORTANT - please do a backup of your current installation, files and database - in case a roll-back will be required. (see section later in this document on how to find the application folder and database)

IMPORTANT - for larger installations we do strongly recommend that a test environment is used to validate upgrade before applying to production environment 

Locating the server side Web application folder and database Server Side Upgrade
Exchange Sync Service Upgrade Pronestor Outlook add-in Upgrade
Backup Roll-back

Locating the server side Web application folder and database

Web folder:

  1. Open Internet Information Service
  2. Locate the web site or directory called "Pronestor"
  3. Right click and choose "Browse" - this will open a File Explorer where the application is installed

Sync Service:

This service is only relevant and available for customers with sync module and Exchange co-existence!

  1. Open Services (services.msc) on the Web Server
  2. Locate the service "ExchangeBookingSyncService"
  3. Right click and choose "properties" - the folder is shown in the section "path to executables"


  1. Within the application folder open the configuration folder
  2. Open the connectionStrings.config with notepad - the connection string including database server references will be listed in this file

Server Side Upgrade

  1. Have you ensured a full backup and roll back strategy?
    Files/application/database must be backed up as described later in this article.
  2. Download the upgrade file to the server hosting Pronestor Planner - as per instructions sent by Pronestor

  3. Unzip the zip file so an "UpgradeFolder" is created within the root folder of the current installation (see "Locating the server side Web application folder and database" to find the folder)

    * Pronestor 
         * App_Browsers
         * App_Data
         * ...
         * ...
         * Upgradefolder

  4. Navigate to the Upgradefolder

  5. Go to IIS, locate the Application pool "ProNestor", and stop this Pool.

  6. Run the "Verify.bat" to ensure that everything is located correct - if it fails, read the error before resuming

  7. Run the "FULL_UPGRADE.bat" to start the upgrade.
  8. Go to IIS, locate the Application pool "ProNestor", and start this Pool.

When done - please login on to the Pronestor solution via web to validate the upgrade.

Should you encounter issues during the upgrade, please restore your Pronestor solution and contact

Exchange Sync Service Upgrade

  1. Download the latest ExchangeBookingSyncService file to the server hosting Pronestor Planner - as per instructions sent by Pronestor
  2. Unzip the "" to a temporary folder

  3. Stop the "ExchangeBookingSyncService" via Services in Windows *
  4. Copy all files EXCEPT the "ExchangeBookingSyncService.exe.config"  from the temporary folder to the location of the current installed ExchangeSyncService

  5. Start the "ExchangeBookingSyncService" via Services in Windows

* If the ExchangeBookingSyncService can't be shut down - please try the following

  1. Open task manager - and locate PID for process within the Details tab
  2. Open Powershell - and subsitute the XYZ with the PID
    taskkill /f /pid 20428

Pronestor Outlook add-in Upgrade

  1. Login to Pronestor Room
  2. Choose Administration->Settings->Other Settings
  3. Create the installers

The updated add-in can be distributed using

  • Automatic upgrade - Let Pronestor auto update the users add-ins by enabling the "Enable automatic Outlook Add-In upgrades"

  • Manually upgrade  - download and run the MSI for the matching Outlook version

  • Managed distribution - download the MSI and configure your software disbutribution software to update the add-in.


Web Server

  • If using a virtual environment - please take a snap shot of the full instance
  • If using a physical server - please take backup of the web folder and sync service folder
    (please check section above for locating web folder and sync service folder)


  • Make full database backup of the Pronestor database
    (please check section above for locating the database)

Please check other folder and files that might have been applied to server since last upgrade, to ensure these as well.

Roll back

IMPORTANT - A rollback may only be performed if NO user data/booking datahas been saved to the Pronestor Planner application. If doing so any way - booking information will be lost and unforsesen issues may occur after roll back. We DO NOT support nor recommend such scenarios!

Steps involved in a roll back

  1. Stop application pool for Pronestor Web Site
  2. Stop Sync service
  3. Restore database from backup set
  4. Restore files into the web folder from backup of web folder and sync service
    (set permissions write permission on license, app_data, content folder in Pronestor folder - for the application pool user)
  5. Restore Sync Service files
  6. Start Sync Service
  7. Start Application pool
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