After upgrading Outlook to a newer version Pronestor Add-in fails to load.


It's important to uninstall Pronestor Outlook add-in before upgrading Outlook to a newer version. 

If the Pronestor add-in keeps referring to an older version of Outlook the reason can be that there is remains from an older version of the add-in.


If an upgrade of Outlook has been performed without uninstalling the old Pronestor Outlook add-in there might be some old Pronestor entries in the registry database.


Please do a backup of the registry database before using PronestorRegedit. 

1) Download PronestorRegedit from or click on attachment.

2) Run ”Pronestorregedit /delete result.txt” from command promt. Deletes all Pronestor entries in Registry 

3) Now the Pronestor folder can be deleted in "program files" 



  1. root.txt file 
  • Where you can add/remove specific roots  -> performance 
  • If root.txt doesn't exists do a deep search 


2. Result.txt 

  • An example on how the result will be displayed. 


    3. CMD arguments 

a. No parameters – starts .exe window 

b. /show - Shows found console files keys. 

c. Result.txt - writes result.txt files keys. 

d. /delete - delete keys found and writes to result.txt 



CMD examples 

Pronestorregedit/show                        -  only shows keys 

Pronestorregedit /show result.txt          -   Writes keys in result.txt 

Pronestorregedit /delete                      -       Deletes keys 

Pronestorregedit /delete result.txt         -      Deletes keysfound and writes to result.txt 


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