Not receiving confirmation/notification e-mails from cloud solution?

Mailgun is the SMTP supplier for Pronestor's cloud solutions, and some mailservers may see mails from Mailgun as spam. 

Mailgun aim at being whitelisted, but it may be necessary to whitelist the following: 

1) on your mail server whitelist:


2) on the Client PC

You may find the "notification mail" in the Outlook spam or clutter folder. Move them to inbox


3) If you still dont get "notification mail"

We need you to contact your IT department to find out which IP address from Mailgun, there is Blacklisted on your Firewall, so we can get the Whitelisted this IP address again.

Information on which RBL list you use will also be helpfull
Next, we need information on witch email addresses, that do not receive Notification Mail from Pronestor Booking

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