How to setup Notificationmail log


Booker's using Pronestor Booking don't get a "Notification Emails" as expected. Then it can be interesting to see if it's the Pronestor Booking system or is it's a spam filter that courses the problem.



To see if Pronestor Booking send notification emails. It will tell you if Pronestor Booking have send an email through the SMTP server 



On ther server you can enable mail logging by open the appSettings.config

With Notepad open:

  • "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\pronestorBooking\Configuration\appSettings.config" 
  • set the following to true:    <add key="EnableMailLogging" value="true"/>

If the line is missing then add the line



An easy way to find the Pronestor Booking folder:

Click start -> type "inetmgr" (IIS starts) -> in default web site -> Right click the Pronestor Booking folder and and click explorer. The Explorer will now open in the correct folder.

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    René Nielsen

    Det bør nævnes at det logges i websitets normale log.txt fil nede i appdata folderen. Hvor den vil skrive hvergang der sendes en mail. Anbefales man har et eksempel, en titel eller noget man kan søge efter.

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