Configuring Samsung SSP device for Pronestor Display


  • Configured Pronestor Display site - hosted or onpremise
  • Samsung DB10E-T device (with factory presets)

Please note - the Samsung DB10E-T device is only supported in landscape orientation!


Power up the Samsung device - and follow the steps below that match the steps in the configuration guide online.

  • "1. Menu Language" 
    Choose English
  • "2. Display Orientation"
    Choose Landscape
  • "3. Auto power off"
    Choose "Off"
  • "4. Network Settings"
    Connect to a network
  • "5. Clock Set"
    Set current date and time
  • "6. Play via"
    Choose "URL Launcher"
  • "7. Device name"
    Give the device an unique name
  • "8. Setup Complete"
    Click OK
  • In "Change URL", enter URL to the Display list, e.g.[Display ID] (cloud customers) or[Display ID] (on-premise customers), and choose Done.
    • [Display ID]'s can be found by opening on a PC
    • Click "Show" for a Display
    • In the URL for the Display, locate the ID at the end of the URL
  • Choose "URL Launcher".
  • From the overview in Pronestor Display choose display

We do recommend that the built-in On/Off Timer is configured for optimization of electricity consumption. See below for instructions.

On/Off timer configuration


  • Using the Samsung SSP remote control, go to "Home"
  • Go to "On/Off Timer"
  • In the "On Timer" configuration section, set the time at which you want the device to turn on
  • In the "Off Timer" configuration section, set the time at which you want the device to turn off
  • Additionally, you can add holidays from the section, "Holiday Management"


Work hours in the organization span from 7:00AM to 6:00PM, thus, there is no need for the displays to be from 6:00PM to 7:00AM.

  • Go to "On/Off Timer"
  • In the "On Timer" configuration section, set the time to 7:00AM
  • In the "Off Timer" configuration section, set the time to 6:00PM

Parsing SecurityToken to a display

We do recommend using SecurityToken, to ensure and protect a display.

If a SecurityToken has been set in the administration module, you need to parse this via a parameter - ex.

Note - if you have used another URL or just adding the securitytoken - please reset the device as described below.


Important for troubleshooting

Opening menu via Remote control

  • To get into the menu of the SSSP device - click the "Home" button on the remote control
  • Hit key "1" on the remote to return to the list of Displays in Pronestor Display

Resetting device

  • To reset to factory settings - turn off the device - hit "mute 182" on the remote control and power on the device
  • If a device is to point to another Pronestor site - please hit the Change URL field, and below type $DEL + Done, before a new site can be configured in the URL Launcher.

 "Network connection lost"

  • The URL used in the URL Launcher is incorrect - please ensure that it conforms to a complete URL with http/https
  • The DB10E-TPOE with firmware 1011 does not support using of port in the URL


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