iOS 9 Display / KIOSK Errors? How to downgrade iOS 9 -> 8.4.1


UPDATE: Please update Kiosk Browser from Apple iTunes store - new release contains fix


At this time we have some display error with the newly released iOS 9.

The Kiosk browser will not open and/ or display information correctly.

Pronestor is working on this issue as we speak. This article will be removed when the problem has been addressed.

The best thing you can do for now is downgrade your device to 8.4.1

Here is how to do it. 

In our experience, we needed to put our ”i-device” into ”Recovery mode” - before the restore did succeed.

How to ”Recovery mode”?

  1. Turn off device – no cables attached.
  2. While holding down ”Home” button, attach cable – do not let go off home button!
  3. When device showing an iTunes logo, release ”Home” button – device is now in “Recovery mode”.

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