API for Pronestor Planner


This is a description on how one can reach the API for PRONESTOR PLANNER.


From version 3.2 

Data from Pronestor can be retrieved using an export or via our Web API.

 The latter is the most effective and robust path for getting data from Pronestor – and thus the recommend option of the two.

The API is versioned which will ensure backward compatibility. The data returned will be fresh data, ensuring up to date booking information.

 The API for a site can be accessed via

The same link can be used, by opening it a web browser, to get a complete overview of the methods and types available in the API.

 The API requires authentication to be in place – please see the example of a C# project that uses the API.


Example of usage:

We have several customers who use the API with a door locking integration – the steps below can be used to find the room bookings for the current day, including information on who has booked the rooms during the day:



Example of a C# proxy class - support on development/usage of this example is not included in the service level agreement - see attachment


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    Lars Bork

    By default - the API requires authentication tokens. To bypass this - please set "AllowAuthenticationBypass" to "true" in the AppSetting.config

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