Wifi connectivity issues! (Pronestor Display)

It is our experience that after some testing, the issues lies within the Wi-Fi mode and encryption itself. We have tested some various modes and will continue to update this document when new solutions emerge.


WEP (64 bit) (Lowest security level, but still password protected.)

This mode has been tested 24/7 and is incredibly stable. There has not been a single drop-out in connectivity during test period.


WPA/TKIP (Very high security level, password protected.)

This mode is predecessor of WPA2 and is not tested because its not available longer in many routers. It should be as stable as WEP.


WPA2/AES (This is the highest security level, and is considered standard of today, password protected.)

This mode has been tested, and unfortunate has frequently drop-outs in test period.


Android only:

IF you combine WPA2/AES with a free APP from Google Play (Appstore) called “Wifi fixer” - Apparently it works! During a test period, all other than the tablet with this APP lost connectivity! Therefore, for Android tablets this is the most recommended and safe way regarding security.

(See picture to identify the APP.)

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